Arched houses

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Arched houses

The shape of the arch easily obeys your needs and imagination - the building can be of various shapes:

Dome (Spacious) - Due to the curved elements of the roof - the amount of usable area on the second floor increases.

Curved (Light) - Windows are designed both in the plane of the roof of the house and large showcase windows on various sides of the house.

S-shaped (sturdy) - Due to the curved shape, the arch constructions are particularly strong.

Explanation of the premises of the arched house

Living room 16.43 m2

Bedroom 5.54 m2

Junction 3.32 m2

Mezzanine 7.06 m2

Terrace 11.46 m2


Product advantages

The arched shape and natural materials together minimize cold bridges and create good insulation, so such a house is extremely warm.
Healthy climate - the building "breathes", so moisture does not accumulate and mold does not grow, and there is no need to install a recuperator.
Natural materials (wood, hemp, straw, clay, lime) have a longer life cycle than synthetic ones (rock wool or polystyrene).
Quick assembly
The construction of the arched house is assembled in 2-3 days. Complete turnkey finishing takes 5-7 days. We offer to purchase an arched house with interior furniture, curtains, lamps, etc.
Conserving nature
Due to the arched construction, wood is used minimally for the frame.
Natural materials are used for the construction of the house, which can be recycled later.
Arched houses can be installed on various types of foundations
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