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Spothauz - home to the next generation of quality. Create the perfect living space by building your home, that you've long dreamed of, because now size, sustainability and shape no longer affect growing costs! Dome and shell homes are modern, versatile, spacious and cost-effective. That is our future!
Recreational dome
Improve your quality of life with recreational domes! These domes will enhance your backyard, allowing you to spend time comfortably outdoors in all weather conditions, even in cold weather. Thanks to the transparent design, you can enjoy nature during the day and watch the stars at night!
The transparent construction allows you to admire your surroundings both day and night, even in bad weather.
The unique design will make your outdoor terrace more attractive to guests by creating a custom, futuristic impression.
Suitable for all seasons
It retains heat well during the cold season and has excellent ventilation capabilities during the hot season.
Dome house
The dome is a perfect space to live, work and create. It is the most efficient form in nature, providing the largest living space using the smallest surface area of the land.
The dome is structurally superior to rectangular buildings. Compared to them, dome buildings cover a much larger area without internal supports. With no load-bearing walls, the possibilities for interior planning are almost endless. Since the dome is a perfect form, all its proportions are based on one criterion: the diameter of the lower circle. Everything else follows naturally. The diameter chosen dictates the height of the structure. But the most important and the most difficult part of the project is the design of the structure of the dome itself. Once inside the dome, you can do whatever you want: build a timber-framed house or build many internal walls out of ceramic blocks, or build one or more floors. In principle, a dome is a very strong structure, but it requires very precise and complex calculations.

The main structural elements of the dome are curved wooden trusses. They are like the spars of a ship or the ribs of a large beast, which are attached to the foundation at the bottom and come together at the top. These trusses are manufactured in the factory from the highest grade (c24) of construction timber. For example, three 45 mm thick timbers are joined together for one truss, giving a total thickness of 135 mm per 'rib'.

Conveniently, all the "ribs" of the dome structure are the same. So once one is created, the others just need to be replicated. "The 'ribs' are welded to the foundation and securely connected at the top to create a solid structure. From there, everything is simpler. As in any timber-framed house, the main structures are connected by a series of intermediate fixings, and window and door slots are made. This is a responsible and meticulous job, requiring experience and knowledge.
-30% less materials than in a normal house.
30% less energy is used for heating.
Complies with A++ energy class.
100% building construction and living together with nature.
Optimal three-element building construction system consisting of SIP (Structured Insulated Panel), I-beam and wall connection.
These elements are connected between each other to form the load-bearing frame structure of the building, with the fibrolite panel forming the outer and inner SIP surface, combines all of these into a shell structure (e.g. eggshell) that gives the building spatial rigidity and strength. The system is free of cold bridges and complies with energy performance A++ class. The components are universal, project-specific and can be can be manufactured in the warehouse, and are suitable for the construction of floors, walls, slabs and roofs. The system is suitable for the design and individual architectural buildings. The elements are lightweight, with the heaviest part being about 65 kg, no special machinery is required, the power of two people is sufficient to assemble them.

A house built using SIP technology does not require a traditional foundation. Thanks to the foundation structure, the weight is distributed evenly and there are no concentrated loads. Because the materials are low in weight, the house does not settle and can therefore be built on a compacted base. The advantage of such foundations is their high durability and low cost. Houses made of SIP structures are distinguished by a very smooth wall and corner surface, which makes them particularly easy to finish. The SIP houses themselves have sufficient thermal resistance so that no additional insulation is needed. SIP houses have 12% more usable floor space than other houses of the same dimensions The savings in usable floor area are due to thinner walls.
80 years of service.
SIP technology popular in Japan and Europe.
An analog of polystyrene foam that reduces heat loss.
100% building construction and living together with nature.
Arched houses
The shape of the arch easily obeys your needs and imagination - the building can be of various shapes:

Dome (Spacious) - Due to the curved elements of the roof - the amount of usable area on the second floor increases.

Curved (Light) - Windows are designed both in the plane of the roof of the house and large showcase windows on various sides of the house.

S-shaped (sturdy) - Due to the curved shape, the arch constructions are particularly strong.
Arched houses can be installed on various types of foundations
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Spothauz - home for the next generation of quality. Create the perfect space for living by building such a house,
which you have dreamed of for a long time, because from now on the size, sustainability and shape no longer affect the growth
expenses! Dome and shell houses are modern, versatile, spacious and economical houses - this is our future!
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