Optimal three-element building construction system consisting of SIP (Structured Insulated Panel), I-beam and wall connection.
These elements are connected between each other to form the load-bearing frame structure of the building, with the fibrolite panel forming the outer and inner SIP surface, combines all of these into a shell structure (e.g. eggshell) that gives the building spatial rigidity and strength. The system is free of cold bridges and complies with energy performance A++ class. The components are universal, project-specific and can be can be manufactured in the warehouse, and are suitable for the construction of floors, walls, slabs and roofs. The system is suitable for the design and individual architectural buildings. The elements are lightweight, with the heaviest part being about 65 kg, no special machinery is required, the power of two people is sufficient to assemble them.

A house built using SIP technology does not require a traditional foundation. Thanks to the foundation structure, the weight is distributed evenly and there are no concentrated loads. Because the materials are low in weight, the house does not settle and can therefore be built on a compacted base. The advantage of such foundations is their high durability and low cost. Houses made of SIP structures are distinguished by a very smooth wall and corner surface, which makes them particularly easy to finish. The SIP houses themselves have sufficient thermal resistance so that no additional insulation is needed. SIP houses have 12% more usable floor space than other houses of the same dimensions The savings in usable floor area are due to thinner walls.
Parts do not require a separate project and can be manufactured directly in the warehouse. Easy to adapt to different designs. Energy efficiency: EPS100N polystyrene foam is used in the construction, with a high thermal insulation of the building shall have a thermal conductivity of λD: 0,03 m2K/W, a compressive strength of ≥100 kPa and a flexural strength of ≥150 kPa.
The material is non-combustible, hydrophobic. Non-combustible, water-resistant fibrolite shall be used (GreenBoard) panels consisting of: 60 % wood wool, 39 % Portland cement (plain cement) 39 %, mineralising agent (sodium silicate or glass water). GreenBoard panels have a flammability class B-s1,d0. Polyurethane adhesive is used to bond the layers.
If the customer brings a photo of his dream house, the designer can easily recreate that by using the three-part shell construction technology. Other types of buildings for other purposes: industrial, service, commercial or recreational extensions. Reconstruction or construction projects.
Environmentally friendly
Materials that are not harmful to humans or the environment.
Fast production
for a medium-sized house, the elements can be produced in just a few days in our factory. Please contact us individually for production times. The house is assembled on site in about one week.
80 years of service.
SIP technology popular in Japan and Europe.
An analog of polystyrene foam that reduces heat loss.
100% building construction and living together with nature.
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