Luxury Aura Dome
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Luxury Aura Dome with Glass Door
Extraordinary frameless dome “Aura Dome” is a new developed technology for the construction of frameless dome-shaped buildings. Due to unique materials and engineering used, you can easily build domes out of light and transparent, yet robust panels, without adding any reinforcing frames.

Interact with the environment. Unique transparent design allows you to interact with the environment, while being sheltered and protected. Create an unforgettable and cozy experience for your family, friends or clients.
Product advantages
Fully transparent
Clear polycarbonate structure creates a 360° view experience.
Strong “Aura Dome” system shell allows to make domes without any reinforcing frame.
UV resistant
Polycarbonate is UV resistant, which adds longevity and protection to the dome.
Natural micro ventilation
Tiny few mm air gaps between plates make “Aura Dome” breathable infinitely.
“Aura Dome” remains stable, robust, and resistant to most environmental conditions. Polycarbonate
withstands high loads of wind, water and snow.
Adjustable transparency
Dome can have blackout panels with mixed colours and transparency, based on custom design.
Sound isolated
Polycarbonate is a soft material that reflects sound waves – isolating noise from inside and outside.
Corrosion resistant
All materials used to connect the polycarbonate plates are stainless-steel.
“Aura Dome” includes a stainless-steel door frame with safety glass door, hinches and lock.
Polycarbonate shell is strong and robust.
Characteristics and product presentation

Dome diameter 4m/13,1ft.

Height 2,38m/7,8ft.

Interior floor area 12,6m2/135,2sqft.

Glass door h2000x932mm/78,7x36,7inch.

Solar-powered windows 2 pcs.

Packing 1 euro pallet.

  • Europe. Delivery to door by truck, 3-4 weeks.
  • Outside Europe by sea. Sea freight delivery to port terminal, 10-14 weeks.
  • Outside Europe by air. Air cargo delivery to airport terminal, 3-4 week delivery.

Outside Europe, custom clearance is not included. We ship from our production facility in
Vilnius, Lithuania, European Union. For more information, contact us

Complete set:
  • Detailed DIY building instructions
  • Hexagon segments of polycarbonate
  • Stainless steel A2 screws and nuts
  • AISI support mounting elements (fixtures connecting Dome to terrace)
  • Automatic solar powered windows 2 pcs.
  • Glass door: AISI door frame (made from rolled rectangular tubular profile, steel 304L,
    welded and polished surface), 8mm thick 1946x944 mm tempered glass sash, AISI
    hinges and lockable lock with keys
Not included:
  • installation service
  • terrace, foundation
  • heaters, air conditioning, lighting, wiring
Can usually be assembled within a few days by 2-4 people. No skilled worker knowledge is
required. A temperature of -5C or warmer is required for installation. Building permits are often
not required.
All items are corrosion-proof and warrant only minimal maintenance needed. You can clean the
dome by periodically washing it with a high-pressure washer.
A 2-year manufacturer's warranty covers manufacturing faults/defects only, not misuse or
damages arising from adverse weather conditions.
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