Insulated Glamping Dome
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Ø8m Insulated Glamping Dome PVC-Glass wall - semi-permanent building
Insulated Glamping Dome D8m PVC roof Glass wall - prefabricated dome kit.
Designed and developed, the Alpine Cocoon Insulated Dome envelope is suitable for all-year-round use in different climates, high loads of rain, and snow.
7-layer custom-designed insulated envelope made to extract moisture from the envelope itself. Air permeability and micro-ventilation systems are provided for moisture removal.
The panoramic window hardwood struts are made with inclusive cut polycarbonate stripes that adjoin with the window to avoid condensation and moisture resting on the wood.
These are semi-permanent buildings. Insulated Glamping Dome PVC-Glass wall will last for 20+ years without additional repairs. Except for the PVC cover, which, depending on your climate and operating conditions, will last up to 10-15 years. The PVC coating can be replaced when worn.
Dome constructions are calculated to withstand snow load up to 1.6 kN, and wind load up to 34 m/s. If you need a higher load resistance, ask for advice.

The diameter of the dome is 3m.

Height 2.35 m.

Internal floor area 5 m2

Product advantages
Interior finishing:
Birch plywood triangular panels are attached to the frame with thin nails. Plywood surface - natural untreated wood. If you want to improve the interior, you can paint or varnish the plywood after installation.
Double pane IGU Glass façade:
Aluminum and rubbers system for glazing. Frame wood parts hardwood Ash. A place for a fireplace. Fireproof stainless steel parts for the interior and exterior of the chimney.
Easy maintenance:
No special maintenance is required in warm weather. If you want to wash off dirt, use normal detergents and water. In winter, when there is a lot of snow, snow must be removed from the walls of the dome. Snow can damage the clear PVC cover panoramic window.
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