Sauna Glass Dome
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Ø3m Sauna Glass Dome single-pane
Sauna Glass Dome - a fully functional sauna in a glass sphere. It is a great attraction for visitors to spend an unforgettable day. The dome is a combination of old classics, unique design and modern technology.

The diameter of the dome is 3m.

Height 2.35 m.

Internal floor area 5 m2

Full complectation:
  • Detailed DIY construction instructions
  • Solid wood Ash uprights
  • STAR connectors AISI stainless steel
  •  Stainless steel A2 screws
  • AISI supporting fasteners (armature connecting the dome to the terrace or foundation)
  • Triangular glass units
  • Structured silicone in black
  • Glass door: AISI stainless steel door frame
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